RF Survey is collection of data from the site or in the field required to install a new site. This is essential for various reasons such as cell site analysis, determining coverage region of proposed new cell Site, for deciding the type of link connectivity with another cell site. This task will result into physical changes in the existing network due to modification or addition of new sites/equipments.

In order to perform RF survey work customer will usually provide following details referred as nominal point or reference point.
• Latitude value and longitude value
• X-Y co-ordinates
• Details of North/East co-ordinate
• Location Area name

RF Survey can also helps in analyzing issues in the existing GSM/CDMA/LTE or VSAT networks. Issues can be intereference or multi path distortion or construction of new building near to the existing cell tower. By doing RF Survey, we can eliminate these problems so the installed RF network will function satisfactorily.

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